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Retail Ready Podcast

Dec 2, 2019

In today’s episode I got to hang out with Mike Lee who is Mr Food Innovator.

Mike is all about food innovation. He is the founder of Alpha Food labs which works with medium to large FMCG companies to help them stay ahead of the curve in innovation. Mike also has two sister companies, Food Tech Connect which merges what’s happening in food and technology space, I highly recommend signing up to their free bi-weekly newsletter for awesome insights and what’s going on in this space, and the third company Mike runs is the Future Food Market. Mike uses platforms which are used in the car industry to help explore the future of food in 5 to 10 years through concept stores and product concepts.

Mike is full of insights, information and delivers numerous awesome knowledge bombs about his world. Was great hanging out with a forward thinking in the food space and I hope you enjoy this episode.