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Retail Ready Podcast

Dec 2, 2022

Suzanne empowers product-based entrepreneurs to build and grow a successful business, focusing on profit first and having the time to enjoy a life you love.

Suzanne unknowingly has helped save my own business, thousands of dollars. Every day I find her insights and knowledge fantastic and I am not even a client of hers....

Nov 23, 2022

Welcome Alex Swift, Commercial Business Director of Salad Servers. Salad Servers can be found in many retail stores in the fresh produce section. Hear Alex talk about the journey of the family business and how it has adapted to the changing consumer. 

Nov 8, 2022

Welcome Cian Dawson, the co-founder of Gymbod. Gymbod is now launched nationally in Coles and has a fantastic start up story behind it. 

In this epsiode we talk and laugh about the Gymbod journey. 

It has not gone all smooth sailing, enjoy. 

Oct 30, 2022

Welcome Hayley Westoby who is the founder of Gambit Collective. 

In todays epsiode we talk about:

- Personal branding, what do people say about you when you leave the room?

- The power and opportunities of Linkedin

- Workplace culture and quiting your job.

- Fitness

May 18, 2021

I wanted to dedicate an episode to highlight my first year in business with Doggylicious and summarise what I have learnt as well as provide some stats as a lot of you guys have followed this journey since day one. 

To start things off, here are some Doggylicious headline stats from year 1 in business:

  • $75K in annual...